Loans to cancel foreclosures and paralyze executions.

Among the different private loans available in Across Lender, loans to cancel foreclosures are a reality.  While by traditional finance companies this would never be possible for private capital if it is. Being also one of the advantages of processing these private credits over other options.

Traditional financing, being the one we see in banks, is not a solution in these cases.  It is through financial companies and private lenders that we can freeze liens.  If you need to obtain financing of this type, here at Across Lender we explain how it works.

Where to get loans to cancel foreclosures?

Where to get loans to cancel foreclosures?

From our website we in such a situation would recommend the loan to pay debts.  It is the one we usually use when clients need to settle an unpaid debt. As for unpaid debts, they can be of all kinds. Financial debts for unpaid loans, debts with the state, commercial debts between companies.  Our loans to cancel foreclosures can be valid in any of these situations.

Being private equity loans this means that default situations will not be taken into account.  That the client is included in some delinquent registry for example does not have to be a problem.  However at Across Lender we also have to clarify that everything depends on whether or not guarantees are provided.

Let me explain, the credits to freeze embargoes usually require guarantees. This is because the lenders ask for it. Being by the way what we are going to explain in the next point.

Characteristics of credits to freeze embargoes

Characteristics of credits to freeze embargoes

If you want to cancel an embargo on finances, social security, with a financial or any other type, this is the option that you are interested in processing. Now, the first thing is to know the characteristics of this financing to see if you can process it or not.

Because not everyone will be able to access this financing given the characteristics of these credits.

  1. Being difficult loans, almost always will have to provide guarantees. No lender is interested in making a complicated loan except by providing guarantees to the client.
  1. The financing is destined to the cancellation of debts.
  2. It is the client who receives the money, then taking care of the cancellation of the embargoes he has. At least as long as the liens are not affecting the warranty used.  If there is a lien on the property that is put in guarantee, this task will be carried out by the financial institution itself. It will do so through the payment letter issued by the creditor.
  1. They are usually signed by a mortgage.
  2. Those who offer this financing are private equity companies along with lenders.

What types of embargoes can the financial company cancel?

What types of embargoes can the financial company cancel?

The good thing about private financing is that it is valid for any situation. No matter what type of embargo the client has, as long as the operation is viable it can be signed.

We can talk about different types of embargoes finding all of them a solution for private capital:

  1. Finance foreclosure loans
  2. Social security liens
  3. Financial liens
  4. Garnishments on debts with commercial companies

All these situations can be solved through the corresponding loans.

Then it is the customer’s decision whether they prefer to cancel the debts on their own or want the financial company to carry out some management in this regard.  If you want the finance company to take steps, what it will do is request the letter of payment from your creditors.

With this information, a notary public goes to the public deed stating where the credit money will go. As you can see the procedure itself is very simple, being nothing out of the ordinary.

Lenders’ opinion when paying debts

You already know our opinion very well when defending the use of lenders in this type of situation.  Being able to get loans to cancel foreclosures, auctions and others make them useful financing.

And although it is true the APR of your credits is higher than the bank we cannot ask that they be perfect credits. Therefore the opinion that we have in Across Lender of the credits for embargoes is positive.

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