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Detroit couple transform wasteland into park and activity hub in western town


DETROIT – A couple from Detroit have started a non-profit organization offering a variety of educational and recreational activities for children.

It includes a zipline, basketball, and even archery for the kids. It’s free to all neighbors and nearby residents as long as they’re in the program.

“I feel luckier to be able to do this than for someone else to enjoy it,” said designer Jacqueline Moore.

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It all started with a dream and now, years later, it is known as Moore Park.

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“Bringing a community together was easier said than done, so we implemented things that we knew would bring them together. Just come share some space and have a good time, ”said Moore.

Located at the back of the house on Lenore Avenue, Willie and Jacqueline Moore started the nonprofit SDM2 Project Education in 2011.

Before the transformation, the place was just a combination of vacant lots.

“It was exciting for us, so we made it the first area that we turned into an area for our kids,” said Jacqueline Moore.

After the time, the couple decided to buy more lots to further develop their aspirations. A total of 5,300 square feet was purchased, which equates to a large backyard with more than enough activities for the youngsters.

“Whether it’s reading, whether it’s poetry, whether it’s a walk, whatever it is, you have to let people know that they are valued,” said Jacqueline Moore. “We feel really privileged to have the right to be in this space and to help our neighborhood be what we all want it to be.”

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Across the street is a house also owned by the couple. There are free poetry readings and lessons for all participating children.

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