Activity center

Feather River Recreation and Park District is considering selling ownership of its activity center


OROVILLE, Calif. The Feather River Recreation and Parks Districts (FRRPD) is considering selling its activity center property due to operation and maintenance costs.

The property has a nursery as well as a gymnasium for gymnastics training.

Since the FRRPD bought the property in 2010, it has had six different CEOs.

They tried to make it work within budget but were unsuccessful.

The recreation center’s general manager, Shawn Rohrbacker, said that even though they were selling the property, they still had plans to offer his services elsewhere.

“We try to keep the building until the gymnastics is over in June and the same with the daycare and always try to make the transition from this program and the gymnastics and other programs that we have to other facilities. ‘partner agencies,’ said Rohrbacker. “Right now we do. Have things we do in high school or other elementary schools, so we’re hoping to transition those spaces there.”

At a meeting on Nov. 18, a financial analyst reported to the board that the 15 FRRPD parks and facilities would need about $ 15 million for maintenance. It was at this point that the council decided to sell the property.

Rohrbacker said they hope to sell the property by next spring.

The money from the sale would be used to maintain other facilities and provide more competitive salaries to staff.

Rohrbacker plans to move as many positions as possible to other locations.