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Why the children’s activities industry is booming


From preschool language classes to baby yoga, cooking and art schools to athletic activities, now you can find a franchise covering just about every area of ​​children’s learning and development and after-school activities. Indeed, many franchise experts have noted that the number of franchise companies operating in this industry has grown at an astonishing rate over the past decade. But what is it about the children’s business that makes it such an attractive proposition for emerging franchisors and potential franchisees?

First, the demand for children’s activities has generally exploded, making the children’s activity industry one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. It’s no big secret that even in times of financial hardship, parents will continue to spend money on their children – and even more so if that expense is on products or activities that they think will help learning. and their child’s development, will promote their education or improve. their general health and quality of life. This trend is only expected to continue, with more households where both parents work, meaning that the extracurricular market is booming. It’s also an industry where there is no shortage of potential customers – by 2020, the number of children is expected to reach 80 million and represent roughly 24% of the US population.

Second, the core business is one that lends itself perfectly to franchising. With the right training, documentation, and support, a new franchisee can learn quite quickly how to start and run a kid-friendly business – teaching, management, hiring, marketing, and administration – making it very attractive to franchisees. potentials who of course want to be operational and earn money without delay. The franchisor will have developed a comprehensive and proven business program for the delivery and given the nature of children’s activities in general, it is unlikely that there are significant regional or even national variations. This means that a children’s business franchise model is likely to be suitable for the expansion of the franchise network on a large scale. This is evidenced by the fact that a large number of children’s activity franchises have managed to expand internationally quite quickly – Gymboree and Socatots are two prime examples. And from a new franchisor’s perspective, when looking to expand a children’s activities business into new areas, franchising is probably the most feasible and financially reasonable way to grow the business. business – the other alternative being to try to hire and manage a large volume of coaches or teachers over a large geographic area.

Third, children’s activity franchises tend to be relatively inexpensive in terms of the initial purchase price and running costs, and therefore low risk. Many of them do not involve buying premises or hiring a significant number of staff, and many are designed to be owner-operator franchises. This means that the franchisee not only manages and develops the business, but also offers the activity to the children themselves on a daily basis – by organizing the football training sessions or giving the preschool art lessons. So this is an attractive franchise business proposition for someone looking for a flexible business that they can develop around family commitments. The children’s activities franchise industry has become increasingly popular with professional women looking to pursue careers outside of commitments such as raising a family or caring for an older relative.

And finally, a kids activities franchise is a fun business to own! It often offers a franchisee the opportunity to start a business and earn an income doing something that is their passion or hobby, with the backing and backing that comes with joining an already established brand. Working with children to facilitate their learning, development and to see their enjoyment in the activities on offer certainly makes this one of the most rewarding types of franchises to own, while providing a flexible and potentially lucrative business opportunity.

The rapid growth of this sector, however, means that it is a highly competitive market, which means that old and new franchisors will have to be innovative and creative both in terms of the program of activities they offer to children and to their parents, than to their franchise packages if they want to stay one step ahead!


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