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Healthcare named as having biggest skills gap in UK

A new study by @cimspa revealed the most in-demand skills in the UK this year with nursing, finance and business audit ranking top. When analyzing job descriptions with industry-specific skill demands, EMSI data reveals that healthcare employers ranked “nursing” as a critical life skill in 15% (more than 1,000,000) of all industry publications over the past five years. Only 3% of candidates had the skill on their CV or candidate profile. Another gap in the skills of health workers, according to the data, is professional training in mental health. About 10% of all jobs in the health sector said that professional mental health skills were needed, with the specific skill appearing in only 4% of all candidate profiles.

The business and accounting sectors also experience a gap between demand and supply of skills. Industry-specific skills such as financial and accounting management, auditing, and business forecasting are all seeing higher employer demand than employee supply. The data reveals that tourism personnel waiting for jobs to be listed are the most trained personnel. There is minimal difference between employer demand for the majority of industry-specific skills such as tourism risk analysis, travel discount management, and consumer-specific travel advice. The most demanded technical skill in the tourism industry is sales technique with a difference of 3% between demand and supply.

Computer programming skills

There is a huge gap in the UK workforce in computer programming languages, not just in the computer industry, but across industries.

In IT and IT sectors alone, however, the language with the largest gap is JavaScript with over 17% of all job descriptions in industries asking for JavaScript when needed. Surprisingly, only 11% of candidates mention it in their profile.

SQL, C# and CSS – all covering a range of programming needs such as database design, development and management – have all been in high demand in the UK over the past five years. SQL required 17% of potential candidates to know the language, 12% C# and 11% CSS.

Soft skills in high demand

In addition to the analysis of specialized skills, the CIMSPA study also looked at more flexible and easily transferable skills. The most in demand soft skill in the UK is adequate communication, over 13,000,000 different job descriptions mention communication skills as a necessity. The second and third most in-demand soft skills were management and sales with over 9,000,000 and 7,000,000 mentions respectively. Customer service, enthusiasm and attention to detail ranked in the next three spots.

Whether 2022 is the year of employment or the year of using the training budget to scale up and help development, there are always skills to be learned to ensure business successes as well as growth. and personal development.

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